“I used to think this day was going to be so so far away, but we are glad it is today, we both have waited for it for so long. “- Faiza

“The first day I met her was at ULK Gisozi....but actually our love was born on May 23rd, 2013. There is that day she went to buy a dress, but the money she had wasn’t enough, so she went back to bring more
for it.

But when she came back, the dress had already been bought. And she got really pissed off.

But guess what? I had bought the dress for her, but behind her back. And I gave it to her as a gift.”-NGOGA

“Well, we knew each other already and sometimes talked to each other, but time came and my father got sick. And the day he passed away, i turned off my phone, and Ngoga couldn’t join me.

Some days after, when I put back my phone online, I gave him a call and told him that my father had passed away.

From that very moment he didn’t even go back home, he immediately came to see me.

And that made me think deeply about us two” –Faiza

Hello Smile...getting ready for my new day

Some makeup...gotta create my bride look :)

Hey bridemaids, make yourselves beautiful. we never know, this wedding may give out new weddings.

Aren’t they beautiful?

And she...oh my god...she is sooo bride

Hurry Bride....hurry.....somebody can’t wait

Ahwiiii....Finally. Icyo Imana yafatanyije

After the Aunt has prayed for the big day, the couple drinks milk. It is part of Rwandan culture

The man of God is here to bless this union

And the family joins to praise the lord for this union

And here come the vows...

A ring is circular, and has no end, that is the way our love is going to be.

And the groom reveals his bride to the congregation

Hihihi...Am married

“Conglatulations my children”- Says Father .

This is the happiest couple in the whole world.

Get out of the way, the cortege is right here.

Well, she is a little shy, but beautiful

The big family gethers around for a memorable picture

We need our BRIDE......nooooooo we need our GROOM instead


At the end of the day, DABB ON EM

The bride and her maids

The groom and his men


And now, you can kiss the bride.

Because she is my favourite

Let’s have a look at what the reception place looked like...simply beautiful

And the most elegant and delicious cake in this world comes in

And the champagne girls are also ready, and beautiful...they should be as they are Rwandan

See how joyful and happy this couple is.

“Cheers darling, to our everlasting love”

Happiness in every sight

And beautiful ladies are around...

Wait...I meant real beautiul ladies are around

Time for the cake

Have you seen how beautiful everything here is?

What is the synonim for beautiful? These two

Time to serve families...with the cake

And yeahhh....the couple got gifts...from awesome friends

Time for some tradional danse...We enjoyed looking at this couple take the floor

“ Gugugaga....I love my Aunt”

Faiza & Ngoga, Thank you so much for this amazing wedding you have had. It was such an amazing experience to cover your day in pictures and video as Afrifame Pictures, and we are so glad to have been part of this experience. WE WILL HELP YOU KEEP THESE MEMORIES FOREVER.
Afrifame Pictures.


All the best.I really Love it.Imana izabubakire

  • 4 August 2016

ooh My God..this is amazing wedding.Thanks Afrifame for this LOve story.Very inspiring,lovely and ooo Gosh i can’t have anything to say

  • 4 August 2016